Partnership scheme instructions FAQ:

Choose Scheme-

1. Firstly if you want to become a partner and gain commission from our fashion brand O.G. Clothing then click this link.

Alternatively if you wish to become a partner and gain commission from our branding services which self branded provides, and then click this link.http://www.selfbranded.co.uk/index.php?route=account/login

Complete Form-

2. Once you have decided which scheme to begin with, create an account as a new customer (or if you already have an account then log in as a returning customer) and you will be taken to a form to complete. 

Please enter all required parts.

Below are other points that are explained further-

  • Address- Business address or personal
  • Business Type-Please note if you are a general customer or wish to wholesale our products.
  • Company- Name of company if applicable
  • Company ID-This is optional if you wish you add a company reference number for example; 'artist x1678' this will be used if your company name is the same as another customer.
  • Newsletter-This is optional but we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter as we may email you information such as discount codes or special offers for yourself as a customer/partner and new products launches.
  •  Affiliate information-Tick the box to become a partner of ours and earn money with zero investment. Choose your chosen tracking code which will appear at the end of you unique url you will be given in which you will use to post via social networking, email etc., for example your name or company that you want displayed; example 'artistx'. You can always change your tracking code after creating an account.
  • Website-If you possess one enter the domain.
  • Tax ID-Only applicable if your company has a VAT number.
  • Payment Method- When money is made via your commission, the total is stored on your partnership account and our system will pay the due amount to either PayPal, bank account or cheque to partner.
  • Swift Code (Bank Transfer)- Is only applicable to international partners but if you are in the EU you may have an alternative name for this which you should provide in this space. 
  • Lastly tick the privacy policy box to finish your account 

Confirmation of account-

3. Once your affiliate/partnership scheme has been created wait 24 hours and you will receive an email stating the account has been accepted. You will now have the option to login as a partner and browse through your account information, as follows-

  • My Account-includes options for you to edit your account information, view your order history as a customer, subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletter, and view your affiliate account information.

Pyramid Scheme Distribution-

4. When you view your affiliate account , you will notice a code below which is the tracking code that is used if you would like to allow someone else to become a partner underneath yourself then send this code to them, you will notice it will have your unique name you added earlier at the end so any money they make by advertising the products or services to others you get a percentage of the sale. Ideal if you know people who use social networking or have access to a larger audience than yourself and still earn commission from their sales.(In affiliate information you are able to change your tracking code if you wish.)


Generate Tracking Code and Start Earning Money!

5. Now that you are all set up you can start earning commission from the sales that are generated when you advertise your tracking code (link, url).

  • Whilst logged in click on the affiliate tracking section, there you can search for any product or page that exists on the site that you wish to generate a link for. This link will have your tracking code embedded in it so you copy and paste this link and post via social networking or any other platform such as email etc.
  • When a customer purchases from this link cookies track their buying history and automatically deposits money into your partnership account, with percentage from the sale which is 10% for any starting partner. If you wish to gain 5% more then you are able to purchase a sample pack for £59(For delivery is £69) that is worth £150 from us that contains the following; 2 T-Shirts,2 Snap Backs, 1 Hooded Top or 2 sweat Jumpers (one or the other).                                              
  • Also if you refer 6 more people to the scheme by making them an affiliate under you via the code on your account information then you will receive another 5% on your commission rate.


Invoice & Payments-

6. Upon becoming a partner you will be emailed an invoice template that is easily editable that you will need to email us back after every month the total that you are due from your account and our system shall make payment to your selected choice of payment method you chose on your account information.