About Us

O.G. Clothing Co. was a hardcore ethos Hip Hop brand but have evolved to into a on-trend revolutionary brand. The brand while focusing on UK/ and USA street fashion styles, latest fabrics and print techniques also uniquely offers a 'fitted range' and 'loose fitted range'. O.G. Clothing Co. has a 'social conscious and philanthropic' agenda. Our Brand stands for: truth, justice, loyalty, respect and honour. 

Wear a designer brand that represents your 'heart on your sleeve'. We are not like most commercial fashion brands, our clothing represents substance; 'what does your brand represent?'

The O.G. Clothing Co. was initially set up in 2004. The brand launched and sold successfully a number of collections worldwide. O.G. Clothing Co. has had many of the world's biggest music artists/ celebrities wearing the O.G. Brand but to us it is all about the people and allowing them to express themselves through fashion

2015, 11 years later we are launching worldwide the 'Revolutionary and Killuminati' ranges as well as our 'Classic and Special Editions'